ATTENTION: Concerned Preppers Who Are Struggling With Getting Prepared...

"Finally, a Resource that Takes you by the Hand and Guides you Step-By-Step through the Process of Becoming Confidently Prepared for the Coming Hard Times No Matter What Your Income or Where You Live..."

Unless you have your head buried in the sand, I’m sure you see it…
  • the devastation in New Orleans and the East Coast…
  • the increase in natural disasters ranging from wildfires, floods, droughts, and severe storms, to…
  • escalating crime and lawlessness and…
  • an economy on the brink of collapse

And on top of that there’s this underlying feeling that most of us can’t shake…a feeling that…


The sad fact is, the majority are far from prepared for even minor disasters.

For most, it’s ignorance (or denial) that prevents them from prepping but for the few — like you — who are awake and want to be prepared, the common frustrations are not knowing where to begin, being overwhelmed with the ton of information out there, or feeling you don’t have the resources to properly prepare.

Believe me, I get it, I was once there myself.

Here’s my story…
During my early twenties I was big into wilderness survival. I’d received training from some of the top instructors in our nation and really had a passion for practicing and perfecting the skills I was taught. I don’t claim to be an expert by any means but I certainly felt (and still feel) that on my own I would make it out in the bush with nothing but the clothes on my back and (ideally) a knife in my hand.

I never worried about “prepping” or thought of doing anything like food storage since I figured if there ever was a time that things went south I could always just run to the woods and survive on my own.

Fast forward a few years…

I get married and have a kid (yes, that’s her to the left there. She’s beautiful isn’t she? :)).

In that moment my priorities changed. It suddenly dawned on me that it just wasn’t practical to “run off in the woods” anymore. It wasn’t realistic for my wife and I to be living out of a leaf hut feeding my new daughter a freshly-caught squirrel with a side of cattail and acorn bread (despite one of our first dates spent gutting, skinning and quartering a deer. Look at those lovebirds there…aren’t we a sweet couple? lol).

And with the way the world was going it was then that I realized just how unprepared I was.

So that sent me off on my journey to become a “prepper”.

And man, was I overwhelmed!!

There was SO MUCH INFORMATION out there in the form of blogs, books, YouTube videos and forums that I didn’t know how to begin or where to start.  On top of that, as a young father barely starting my career I just didn’t have the resources to buy those freeze-dried, made-for-you, multiple-thousand-dollar food storage supply kits (let alone a remote, fully-stocked retreat up in the mountains somewhere).

I needed to learn how to prepare with the limited funds and resources I had at that time.

It wasn’t until after a long time of digging and reading and consuming articles, forum entries, and book after book that I finally got to the point where I figured out what I needed and where I should to begin.

So slowly but surely I built on my food storage and preps with only $25 extra a month to the point where we are now with enough supplies to last us for a year (and I’m still prepping 😉 ).

As I was learning and prepping, to show others what I was doing and to help others on their journey I also started a blog a few years ago called Since then it has become one of the go-to blogs on preparedness with around 10,000 subscribers as of this writing.

But even after creating this blog, I would still get the same questions from people time and time again…

  • Where do I begin?
  • What should I be focusing on for preps?
  • What types of disasters and events should I be focusing on preparing for?
  • What do I do if I don’t have much money?
  • Or much space?
  • What if I live in the city and don’t have a bug-out location, how do I prepare?

Questions like these kept coming and I’d try to answer as best I could with emails and blog posts but blogging didn’t seem to be the answer.

I started the blog with the intention of helping others get better prepared but despite that I still felt many people were not making much progress or worse, were still just as confused as I was when I began.

The biggest drawback to what’s out there now is that since forums, YouTube videos, and blogs are made up of random topics, there is no real DIRECTION in how to begin, what to do, and what steps to take.

There’s nothing wrong with those media — they are fantastic resources. But for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to decipher what is most important, or wants to know where to begin, or even someone more experienced that wants to know what else they need to take it to the next level, it’s not ideal.

It was then that I realized that blogging, YouTube, forums, or even a book was not what was needed.

What is lacking is a format that takes you through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process of becoming prepared — no matter where you live or what resources you have.

Given this need, I decided to come up with something I call Prepper Academy.

And if you aren’t already, this WILL get you prepared.

It uses a process of guided modules and courses in combination with a rich, multi-media experience – to give exact direction and to drive learning.

And that’s how Prepper Academy was borne…

Prepper Academy is THE online “university” for preppers of ALL levels.

Prepper Academy is an online resource that helps you get prepared. The central focus of the academy is a set of guided courses that are designed to take you step by step from being utterly unprepared to the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency — accommodating even the most modest of budgets.

Prepper Academy is broken up into four modules with multiple courses per module. 

As you move through the various modules your ability to effectively survive a wide variety of disasters will increase as shown in the following graphic:

Over an 11 month period, you’ll receive each month a new course (or courses) that guide you through this step-by-step process until you become confidently prepared for whatever the world may throw at you.

Here’s an example of what you’ll find just in Module 100:

MODULE 100: The Prepper’s Foundation

What you’ll learn:

Course 101: Building a Bugout Binder

After completing this course, you will have created a highly-customized emergency binder that is designed to be quickly taken with you if you were forced to evacuate your home. By having this binder, you will…

  • Have peace of mind knowing that you have all the vital documents you would need to rebuild your life in case your home were destroyed
  • Have a solid  bug-out plan in place telling you what to do, when to leave, where to go, and how to get there, and…  
  • Be way ahead of the mad rush of people exiting your area by knowing the “pre-cursor signals” that tell you it’s time to leave.

Course 102: Building your Disaster Kits

After completing this course, you will have a set of disaster kits which are custom designed for a variety of emergency situations. You’ll learn…

  • How to build a Bug-Out Bag (BOB) that will help you survive your journey from ground zero to a safe area. 
  • How to put together an Emergency Car Kit that will keep you warm, safe and comfortable until help arrives or you can get on the road again.
  • What a Get-Home Bag (GHB) is, how to put one together, and why it’s crucial to carry one whenever you’re away from home.
  • How to build a proper Emergency Medical/Trauma Kit
  • The importance of Every-Day Carry (EDC) kits and what should be in yours.
  • The different types of Specialty Kits there are and which ones are essential for you and your household.

Course 103: Battening Down the Hatches (Sheltering-in-Place)

Before disaster strikes your home, it’s absolutely essential that you know how to prepare ahead of time.  and what to stock up on is of primary importance. But that is only half the story, knowing how to deal with emergencies during and after the emergency are just as important. In this course you will…

  • Have peace of mind knowing that in a minor crisis you will never have to join the flocks of people rushing to the stores before the shelves clear
  • Have enough supplies to ride out a minor crisis that would affect your power, water, and food supply.
  • Learn what types of fuel you should have on hand and how to store it
  • Learn how best to purify and store water…even if you live in a small apartment
  • Overcome disaster paralysis by learning what to do to prepare your home BEFORE a disaster strikes
  • Determine the most likely disasters to affect you and how you can prepare for them

Course 104: Cooking Off-Grid

Knowing how to cook during an extended power outage is crucial for comfort, morale, as well as avoiding food-born illnesses. In this course you will…

  • Know the best off-grid cooking options available that work with big or small budgets
  • Discover which off-grid cooking methods are best fit for sheltering-in-place or bugging out
  • Know how to make your own off-grid cooking stoves with common every-day items
  • Learn how to use an often overlooked but highly effective primitive fire method that is easily built by a 4-year old, can be used in rain, snow or shine, and easily ignites with only one match

Course 105: Survival Sanitation in a Grid-Down World

Even during short-term grid-down situations, major sanitation issues and devastating health problems can erupt. Sanitation may not be as sexy a topic as firearms, bug-out bags, or fire making, but knowing how to keep clean and properly deal with waste and sewage during a grid-down situation is one of the most important pieces of  knowledge to have as a modern prepper. In this course you will…

  • Learn a simple homemade cleaning solution using items already in your home that is powerful enough to kill Anthrax spores
  • Know how to deal with trash when the garbage man stops coming
  • Discover the single most effective way to prevent the spread of communicable diseases
  • Learn how to properly and safely dispose of human manure – whether you’re in the city or the country.


And that’s just the first module!!

The remaining modules are also chock full of courses that will take you to that next level of preparedness:

MODULE 200: Building the Prepper-Mart: Your In-Home Convenience Store

In this module you’ll learn how to build a reserve that will get you through longer-term emergencies from a job loss to larger scale disasters lasting at least 3-months.

You’ll also learn how to preserve your own food to extend shelf life and for those with limited budgets, you’ll learn how to build up this reserve without breaking the bank.

Module 200 also gets you started on establishing your Survival Library. You’ll learn why it is crucial and what should be in yours.

Module 300: Going the Distance – Long-Term Food Storage and How to Use It

Module 300 is in many ways a continuation of the previous module, except this level is focused on long-term, bulk food storage. It will teach you exactly what to store, where to buy it, how to store it, and most importantly how to use it.

There are far too many preppers with buckets of long-term bulk food just sitting in their basements with no idea how to use them. A major portion of this module then is teaching you how to integrate them in your every-day life so that when the SHTF you and your family will already be accustomed to using and eating it.

Module 400: Securing What’s Yours

Module 400 is all about securing what you’ve worked so hard to build.

When tough times loom, social unrest and crime increases. It’s important during these times that you know how to secure your home and keep your family safe. This module will help you to put in place active and passive protections for your home and loved ones.

You’ll also learn about home caching (for hiding valuables in your home), mindset and awareness training, defensive/offensive tools available for preppers, as well as recommended and inexpensive sources of self-defense training and much more.

Finally, when uncertainty is in the air, you’ll want to know how to communicate with your loved ones as well as keep your “ear to the ground”. Module 400 goes into detail about the various types of communication options available to preppers when the grid is up or down.

A ton of thought, research, time and collaboration has gone into Prepper Academy to make it THE go-to resource for a variety of preppers with diverse backgrounds, means, and needs.

And as they say in those cheesy infomercials…

Wait! There’s More!!

By becoming a member of Prepper Academy you’ll also have access to the following:

A Private Community Forum (with benefits)

At the Prepper Academy forum you’ll find a safe place to share, free of spam and disrespectful anonymous people. Our forums are fully moderated, assuring you a relaxing and rewarding experience.

In addition, you can earn “forum bucks” which reward the top participants every month with fantastic prepper gear like Leatherman multi-tools, water filters, medical kits, books, knives, campstoves and more!

Video Columns

We feature a growing list of video columns from some of the best prepper-videos available on the web. Videos include Survival Medicine, Analytical Survival and the Personal Defense Network.

A Downloadable Survival Library

A fully-downloadable digital library containing HUNDREDS of documents that you can add to your survival library immediately. You’ll have access to documents from various categories such as general preparedness, heat and energy, homesteading, urban survival, wilderness survival, personal protection, and personal health/medical giving you plenty of information to work through for those looking to go above and beyond.

Incredible Discounts

Prepper Academy has teamed up with some of the best vendors of prepper-related supplies and training to provide you with a number of fantastic discounts. Just the savings alone will pay for your membership many months over!

Here are just a few examples of the growing number of vendors and discounts:

OnPoint Tactical

$100 off your class of choice

School of Natural Healing

$100 off the online Family Herbalist Course

50% off all eBooks

All these including discounts to many more vendors such as:

So, How Much Is All Of This Going To Cost Me?

Before I get to price, I want to stress that there is no other preparedness program like this.

Given the 4 guided modules, the 16 courses, the instructional videos, the vendor discounts, the option to earn free prepper gear AND lifetime access to any future updates or additions, I should be charging at least $300.

Here’s the good news: You won’t even pay half that at $150

Since I’m trying to make this as accessible to as many people as possible, I’m willing to shoulder all the risk and let you try out the entire package for a full 30 days before you decide to keep it – for only a small investment.

I’m offering lifetime membership to this exclusive community at a one-time $97 $77 payment.
Is there a catch? 
Nope. No catch. No commitments.

All of the core instruction from the courses are in PDF format which can be printed out or saved to your computer, smart phone, tablet or Kindle for your reference — allowing you access to the them even beyond your membership (this does not include the associated video files).

In addition, when you join you will be given unrestricted access to all of the other content, features, and benefits such as the discounts, video and ebook libraries, as well as the chance to win free prepper gear by participating in the community forum.

It’s SO MUCH MORE than a book, forum, or blog can provide.

Let’s quickly review some of the features and benefits:

In Prepper Academy you’ll find…

  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT – We are constantly adding new videos, courses, lessons, and reference materials that you can’t find anywhere else
  • GUIDED LEARNING – using the home-study guides, we will instruct and guide you through the prepping process beginning at the most basic and progressively guiding you to the more advanced topics of prepping and self sufficiency
  • A PRIVATE FORUM  just for members. Giving you a safe place to share, free of spam and disrespectful anonymous people. Our forums are fully moderated, assuring you a relaxing and rewarding experience.
  • MONTHLY PREPPER-GEAR GIVEAWAYS for the top forum contributors including items such as Leatherman multi-tools, medical kits, emergency food, books, knives, water filters, camp stoves, and more!
  • QUALITY INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS that demonstrate key skills and examples to further support the coursework.
  • A DOWNLOADABLE LIBRARY containing HUNDREDS OF FILES that you can add to your survival library right away
  • A GROWING COLLECTION OF VIDEO COLUMNS from some of the best prepper-related videos available on the web
  • INCREDIBLE DISCOUNTS from some of the top vendors for prepper-related supplies and training. Just the savings alone will pay for your membership many months over!
  • A GROWING COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED PREPPERS with ALL different experience levels who you can exchange ideas, learn from and share with others

Now, a few questions for you:

1. Have you made the decision not to let things like world events, the government, or natural disasters determine you and your loved ones fate?
2. Are you the type of person that longs for independence, true liberty, and security?
3. Do you desire to have true confidence in the face of uncertainty?

If you answered YES to the above then I know we are kindred spirits and I would be honored to have you join our growing community over at Prepper Academy.


Exclusive Membership to PREPPER ACADEMY


By joining I also understand that…

  • I will be paying a one-time payment of $97 $77. This will grant me lifetime access to all academy benefits and future upgrades.
  • Refund Policy: If I cancel within 30 days of the first payment I will receive a full refund, no hassles, no questions asked.
  • Prepper Academy is a 100% online program. After payment, I’ll get immediate access to all the digital coursework  and libraries where I can freely download the documents, access the coursework, login to the community forum where I can participate and win prizes, view the video columns and take advantage of the discounts for the life of my membership.


Please join us now…click on the ADD TO CART button (or pay by Paypal) below: