"Discover How To Get Rapidly Prepared for the Coming Hard Times -- No Matter What Your Income or Where You Live"

Now you can learn how to eliminate prepping paralysis, by latching on to the only preparedness program that shows you step-by-step how to survive, thrive, and dominate when the SHTF...without needing truck-loads of cash or a fortified retreat.

From: The Editor of TacticalIntelligence.net

Tuesday, 7:35 PM
Somewhere in New England


I'm not gonna go all "doomsday" on you...or claim that the world is going to end in a year...or that you're nine meals away from the "mutant hordes" looking to rape, pillage, and devour whatever's in their path...just so you start prepping. Yes, prepping IS critical...

You know that…and I know that.

However, if this is such common knowledge among us “awake” folk, why are so many of us still unprepared?

Well...it boils down to THREE “myths” that hold back those who are trying to prepare.

Buy into these three falsehoods…and it will totally hamstring your prepping efforts.

Learn how to overcome them…and your family will be singing your praises when the hammer drops.

Let’s expose the real truth…

Do You Fall for These Common Prepping Myths?

Struggling With Getting Prepared?...You're Not Alone

First off, let me say: If you've been seduced by any of these myths...I get it. I was too.

When I first started prepping, I was a wet-behind-the-ears father barely starting my career. I didn't have the resources to buy those freeze-dried, done-for-you, multiple-thousand-dollar food storage supply kits --- let alone a remote, fully-stocked retreat up in the mountains somewhere.

On top of that, with the GLUT OF INFORMATION out there in the form of blogs, books, YouTube videos and forums, I didn't know where to begin, how to start, and what was most important.

One day I'm spending my hard earned money on firearms and ammo in preparation for the "zombies" and the next day I'm thinking I need to stock up on a 3-month' supply of high-calorie emergency bars for when the shelves clear.

I took a  "ready, FIRE, aim" approach to prepping...and as a result, was grossly unprepared for a real disaster that came to visit...

Hi, my name is Erich and although I now feel confidently prepared for the tough times ahead, it wasn't always this way...

"My Family Survived One Night, But Would They Last Another?..."

The Night that Changed My Life

It seemed like any other December night in New England. At least so I thought…

But what happened that night would forever change how I felt about “prepping” and how ultimately…no matter what your circumstances…YOU can become confidently prepared for the tough times ahead.

I remember that night so clearly. In fact, I remember the exact date and time.

It was just after 11pm on December 11th, 2008. My wife and I had tucked our 1-year old in her crib after her last feeding and we eagerly curled up into our own bed after a long, exhausting day.

Shortly after falling asleep, we both bolted upright to the explosions coming from the pitch dark outside.

“What was that!?”

“CRACK!” “BOOM!” Again it reverberated through the crisp, night air. At first I thought it was gunfire. But as my head cleared, the realization set in that it was the sound of huge tree limbs, straining under the weight of hundreds of pounds of ice frozen solid around them, finally splitting and breaking off — crashing to the ground with an earth-jarring tremor.

Not good. Our home was encircled by large trees. Let me just say, that whole night I prayed like never before.

When the long night ended and the light returned, what was left cannot be fully appreciated unless you experience it.

It's Like a Bomb Went Off

Massive tree limbs had fallen down. Some onto cars (like mine) and homes. Others tearing down power lines, and many blocking the streets. Smaller branches and other debris littered the entire landscape.

The limbs, branches and lines that did not fall were weighed down from the ice with such force that it looked like they were bowing in reverent awe before the One who had the power to create such awesome destruction.

It was devastating, yet beautiful.

Realization soon set in that we were without power. In fact the entire region was without power. Stores were closed, gas stations shut down, streets were blocked off, and in this cold I had no way of keeping my family warm; With hardly any food and supplies to last more than a couple of days, if help didn’t arrive soon, things were going to get real bad, real quick.

I Felt Like Such a Failure

It was so cold I could see my baby’s breath…in the middle of my living room. This along with watching my wife feed her cold baby food (which we had no way of heating up) further dug the nail deeper into my guilty conscience.

Luckily for them, by the end of that first day most of the main roads were cleared. I watched my wife and daughter pack up and leave to go to my in-law’s house in the southern part of the state where they still had power.

That was one of the lowest moment’s in my life. I felt like such a failure.

Here I was, the father of this young family, the one who is supposed to be their protector and provider and they were forced to leave me to find safety and shelter with my in-laws. I told my wife that I wanted to stay back to clean up, but part of the reason was so I didn’t have to face my in-laws and feel more humiliation.

Yes, the stores did open in a few days. Power did return after a little over a week and for most of these hardy New Englanders, life returned to normal.

But not for me.

I Would Never Be Caught Unprepared Again...

That day haunted me.

What if things were worse? What if my young family didn’t have a place to go to and the power never came on or the stores didn’t open for a while?

Well, I certainly couldn’t feed my baby all that ammo I bought and those cases of 3000-calorie emergency bars weren’t worth a cup of spit in keeping my family warm when the power went out.

At that moment I made a vow that I would never be caught unprepared again. Despite having only $25 in extra income per month, and not knowing where to begin, I was determined to finally figure it out.

And I did...

It took a while, but even with the limited funds and time I had, I was able to shore up enough supplies to where we could comfortably survive for a year without the need of the government or the grid.

How Prepper Blogs, Forums, and YouTube Vids Fall Short

Along the way, I hoped to help others on their prepping journey by starting a blog a few years ago called TacticalIntelligence.net – sharing a bit of what I learned in the process.

And although it’s had great success, becoming one of the go-to blogs on preparedness with over 100,000 visitors/month as of this writing, at the time I felt that it was a big flop.

I started the blog to help others get better prepared, but based on the many comments and emails I’d get, I realized that the prepping “process” was still a mystery to most of my readers — they were still just as confused as I was when I began.

See, the biggest drawback to what’s out there now (including my blog) is that since forums, YouTube videos, and blogs are made up of random topics, there is no real DIRECTION in how to begin, what to do, and what steps to take.

Especially if you want to get prepared NOW.

If you don’t have a ton of time like I did to decipher what’s most important, where to begin, or what the “next steps” are...

…you might as well forget it – blogs, YouTube and forums are not going to work for you.

What’s missing is a format that will take you through an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process — that applies no matter where you live or what resources you have.

On the road to discovery

I had to find out if this was possible.

This sent me on another journey to discover what the applies-to-everyone, crucial-keys and principles of prepping were — and it wasn’t easy.

In fact, it was an undertaking.

In this information-gathering frenzy I watched videos, consumed articles, forum entries, and book after book…took classes and consulted with experts…looking for those core patterns and principles and finally distilling it down to a “formula” that applies to anyone, anywhere, without breaking the bank.

Here's what I got for you...

Now you can shortcut your own path to becoming confidently prepared…by letting me share this hard-won knowledge with you.

To make this as easy to consume as possible, I wrapped up this entire process, all the knowledge I gained, into a program I call Prepper Academy.

And if you’ve been struggling with getting prepared, you won’t be after going through this...guaranteed.

Prepper Academy is the Ultimate Resource to Get You Prepared for the Coming Hard Times.

The central focus of the Academy is a set of guided courses that takes you from a state of being totally unprepared to the the ultimate goal of not having to depend on any store, any government, or any grid.

And since the Academy is built upon core prepping principles, you'll learn how to adapt the training to your unique situation.

In other words, I don't care if you have a big budget or small one...have little space or a lot of it...or that you live in a high-rise, a hut, or anything in-between -- you will learn how to make prepping work for you.

That means, you no longer need to stress about getting prepared. And, with each course containing detailed specifics for those in a variety of circumstances, you'll learn how to get as prepared as possible, quickly and without fuss.

Prepper Academy is broken up into four modules with multiple courses per module.

As you move through the various modules your ability to effectively survive a wide variety of disasters will increase as shown in the following graphic:

Imagine Feeling Peace in a World of Chaos...

That's the ultimate benefit of being prepared.

When the world around you is going to hell in a hand basket, you'll be confident knowing that you don't need to depend on anyone for your survival.

Store shelves bare? Not a problem...you have your own in-home mini-mart.

Power's out? That's ok...you've got backup to spare.

Imagine the freedom you'll have...the confidence and peace you'll feel, knowing that if disaster did rear its ugly head, you'll be well-prepared to meet it.

And when things do go south, those that depend upon and love you will be so proud to have you as their protector and provider.

This is the reality when you go through the Prepper Academy program.

A ton of thought, research, time, and expert collaboration has gone into Prepper Academy to make it THE go-to prepping resource.

The content of this Academy isn't the brain-child of any one person.

It's a Master's-level brain dump pulled from experts in various prepping disciplines...

From those specializing in food preservation and storage...to retired combat vets...to security and emergency-preparedness professionals...and more.

At each level of the academy you'll know you have the latest cutting-edge prepping knowledge available...right at your fingertips.

All the leg work and research has been done -- so you don't have to.

Prepper Academy is 100% unadulterated, Grade-A prepping beef...with no fat...and no fillers.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect in each of the modules and courses...

The Prepper's Foundation

The courses in Module 100 are designed to get you and your family prepared enough to get through most small-scale emergencies (power outages, small localized disasters etc) lasting two weeks or less or until help arrives.

In addition, you’ll learn the basics of formulating a disaster plan, how to create a bug-out binder, as well as how to put together a basic Bug-Out Bag. In the event of a major disaster, you’ll want to have both a plan and the gear in place to get you to a safer location.

Just this module alone will begin to instill the peace of mind that comes to those who are prepared.

Module 100 Course Content

Course 101: Building Your Bug-Out Binder

After completing this course, you will have created a highly-customized emergency binder that is designed to be quickly taken with you if you were forced to evacuate your home. It will contain all the vital documents you need to rebuild your life in the event of a disaster as well as a solid bug-out plan telling you what to do, when to leave, where to go, and how to get there.

This course will also help you be way ahead of the mad rush of people exiting your area by determining the “pre-cursor signals” that tell you it’s time to go.

Course 102: Building Your Disaster Kits

Disaster can strike at any time and in any place. You won’t be caught off guard after completing this course.

Here you will build a set of disaster kits that are custom designed for a variety of emergency situations. From the popular Bug-Out Bag (BOB) and Every-Day Carry (EDC) kit to the lesser known Get-Home Bag (GHB), Trauma Kit, and Specialty Kits, you’ll be well on your way to meeting disaster with confidence.

Course 103: Battening Down the Hatches (Sheltering-in-Place)

Before disaster strikes your home, knowing how to prepare ahead of time and what to stock up on is of primary importance. In addition, knowing what to do both during and after emergencies is equally as crucial.

This course will guide you through building enough supplies to ride out a minor crisis that would affect your power, water, and food supply. You’ll learn what types of fuel you should have on hand and how to store them; how best to purify and store water; how to overcome disaster paralysis by learning what to do to prepare your home BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a disaster strikes and more.

Course 104: Cooking Off-Grid

Knowing how to cook during an extended power outage is crucial for comfort, morale, as well as avoiding food- and water-borne illnesses.

This course will show you the best off-grid cooking options available that work with big or small budgets. You’ll also discover which off-grid cooking methods are best fit for sheltering-in-place or bugging out, how to make your own off-grid cooking stoves with common every-day items, and how to easily start primitive fires.

Course 105: Survival Sanitation in a Grid-Down World

Even during short-term grid-down situations, major sanitation issues and devastating health problems can erupt. Sanitation may not be as sexy a topic as firearms, bug-out bags, or fire making, but knowing how to keep clean and properly deal with waste and sewage during a grid-down situation is one of the most important pieces of knowledge to have as a modern prepper.

This course guides you through all aspects of survival sanitation. You’ll learn how to properly deal with garbage and human manure, how to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and much more.


Building the Prepper Mart: Your In-Home Convenience Store

In Module 200 you'll learn how to build a reserve that will get you through longer-term emergencies -- ranging from a job loss to larger scale disasters lasting up to 3-months.

You'll also learn how to preserve your own food to extend shelf life and for those with limited budgets, you'll learn how to build up this reserve without breaking the bank.

Module 200 also gets you started on establishing your Survival Library. You'll learn why it is crucial and what should be in yours.

Module 200 Course Content

Course 201: Building Your Prepper-Mart — Your In-Home Convenience Store

At this point in your preparations (if you are working through each course sequentially) you should have enough supplies to comfortably get you through a two-week period without dependency upon the grid or grocery stores.

Now that you’re in Module 200, you will be extending your reserves beyond this two-week mark by establishing your own in-home convenience store – something I call your “Prepper-Mart”. This is the beginning of your journey to longer-term food stores.

After completing this course, you will have set up your own in-home convenience store with enough supplies to last you a minimum of three months. You will…

  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you have a longer-term reserve that can get you through personal, economic, or natural disasters lasting up to and beyond 3 months.
  • Learn how best to plan, purchase, use and manage your inventory
  • How to stock your Prepper-Mart on limited funds
  • Discover what storage options are available for apartment dwellers and those with limited storage space
  • Be given step-by-step guidelines to building your own Prepper-Mart
  • How to put your financial house in order and build a financial reserve

Course 202: Putting it Up – The Prepper’s Guide to Food Preservation

After completing this course you will have the tools and knowledge to preserve your own food and “put it up”. Food preservation skills give you freedom to cheaply create your own food stores by taking advantage of store discounts and abundant harvests.

In addition, you have complete control over the quality and types of food you preserve — something not possible with store-bought goods.

You will…

  • Discover why foods spoil and what weapons you have available to prevent it
  • Learn step-by-step how to safely and effectively “can” fruit, vegetable and meat
  • Know how to dry your own food and test for dryness
  • Become adept at pickling with both vinegar and fermentation
  • Learn the correct way to freeze food
  • and much more…

Course 203: Setting Up Your Survival Library

Given the sheer number of skills and knowledge you may need in a long-term disaster scenario, there’s no way that you could master all of them. For this reason, having a ready-to-access reference of knowledge that you can instantly call upon to guide you through a survival situation is essential.

After completing this course you will have created an extensive survival library in both physical and digital format. You will…

  • Uncover the MUST-HAVE subjects that should be part of every survival library
  • Know how best to build up your physical library cheaply and effectively
  • Learn how to create your own physical survival books for pennies on the dollar
  • Discover what the best options are for building and storing your digital survival library
  • Get a jump start on building your digital library by receiving multiple sources of the best FREE eBooks and digital information available to Preppers
  • Learn how to properly protect your digital library and other electronic devices against an EMP attack or large solar storm
  • And much more…

Going the Distance: Long-Term Food Storage and How to Use It

Module 300 is in many ways a continuation of the previous module, except this level is focused on long-term, bulk food storage. It will teach you exactly what to store, where to buy it, how to store it, and most importantly how to use them.

There are far too many preppers with buckets of long-term bulk food that just sitting in their basements with no idea how to use it.

The core focus of this module then is teaching you how to integrate it in your every-day life so that when the SHTF you and your family will already be accustomed to using it and eating it.

Module 300 Course Content

Course 301: Establishing Your Long-Term Food Storage

Up to this point you should have at least a 3-month supply of food that you are continually rotating.

In Module 300 and beyond we will now be focusing on preparing for the potential of a longer-term disaster by building a year’s supply of food. Disaster could come in the form of a complete societal collapse or a personal economic disaster. In any case, having a year supply of food available is the ultimate insurance policy for both scenarios.

After completing this course you will…

  • Learn the REAL shelf life of common foods
  • Uncover the six laws of an effective food-storage system
  • Find a long-term food storage plan that works for you, whether you have lots of money and little time, or lots of time and little money
  • Disover the secret place where Preppers “in the know” go to get bulk foods more than half off the price of normal places (no, this isn’t Costco)
  • Identify just how many calories are needed for long-term survival living and how most “made-for-you” food-storage systems grossly overcharge and under deliver
  • and more..!

Course 302: Securing Your Food for the Long Term

Time is a dangerous thing when you combine it with improperly stored bulk food.If you want to ensure your long-term food stores are around 10, 20 or even 30+ years down the road (especially during that time when you and your family need it most) then you must learn how to PROPERLY store away that food.

This course will teach you that.

After completing this course you will know how to properly package and store your bulk foods food the long term. You will…

  • Avoid the common pitfalls involved with storing your long-term supplies
  • Learn which containers you MUST and MUST NOT use
  • Discover the PROPER techniques for bulk-food storage to ensure that it will still be there when you need it.
  • Uncover the “alternative” techniques of bulk-food storage that are just as effective as but MUCH easier than using the common bucket, Mylar and O2 absorbers.
  • Learn the RARELY discussed techniques of “interim food storage” to ensure your current-use stock does not perish.
  • and more…!

Course 303: Every-Day Integration of Your Long-Term Food Storage

“Store what you eat, eat what you store. Use it or lose it” – James Talmage Stevens

The biggest obstacle to long-term food storage is learning how to use it.

Through various video demonstrations and recipes found in this course, you will learn how to use your storage on a day-to-day basis so that when it comes down to it, you and your family will be ready for disaster and feel comfortable with the foods you have stored.

Your children and other family members will not have to deal with the stress of adapting to a new diet and will find comfort in the familiarity of the food they eat on a regular basis.

This course is all about learning to integrate your longer-term food storage into your every-day life. You will…

  • Discover the oft forgotten but crucial piece of equipment required for any serious long-term food storage plan
  • Learn food-storage recipes made entirely from your bulk-food storage that taste so good your family will be using them every day.
  • Learn how to make common everyday ingredients from your long-term food stores truly living by the maxim, “Store what you eat, and eat what you store”.

Securing What's Yours

Module 400 is all about securing what you've worked so hard to build.

When tough times loom, social unrest and crime increases. It's important during these times that you know how to secure your home and keep your family safe.  This module will help you to put in place active and passive protections for your home and loved ones.

You'll also learn about home caching (for hiding valuables in your home), mindset and awareness training, defensive/offensive tools available for preppers, as well as recommended and inexpensive sources of self-defense training and much more.

Finally, when uncertainty is in the air, you'll want to know how to communicate with your loved ones as well as keep your "ear to the ground". Module 400 goes into detail about the various types of communication options available to preppers when the grid is up or down.

Module 400 Course Content

Course 401: Assembling and Using Your Arsenal – A Firearms Primer

“To be prepared for war, is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” – George Washington

Whether you’re brand new to firearms or have some experience, this course will provide an in-depth primer into their function, use, and employment as it relates to prepping. After completing this course you will…

  • Learn the FOUR most important rules to firearms safety
  • Discover the advantages/disadvantages to the different small arms available and learn what’s best for you and your situation
  • Learn how to avoid the most common errors prospective firearm owners make when purchasing their first or successive firearm
  • Learn what 5 steps you need to know to becoming proficient with your firearm
  • Discover the top firearms-training schools in the world that few know of where you can learn directly from active/former Special Operations operators.
  • Can’t afford schools? Learn how to get world-class firearms training on extremely limited budgets
  • Discover the four skills you need to know in order to hit your target the first time, every time.
  • and more…!

Course 402: OPSEC, Awareness and Developing a Combat Mindset

“Survival favors the prepared mind.” – Robert Crowley

Proper mindset development is an often overlooked aspect when it comes to prepping. The truth is, without a strong and prepared mind, your chances of surviving a major crisis are very slim –; even with all the fancy gear.

In this course you will develop your mind into a powerful survival tool by learning…

  • ADVANCED observation techniques used by intelligence agencies, special operations forces, and law enforcement to immediately scan an area to identify threats, find escape routes, and pick up on things that most people overlook
  • How to develop a COMBAT MINDSET and pre-program your mind to INSTANTLY REACT (instead of freeze) to threats that would harm you or your loved ones
  • In high-stress situations, instantly slow down your thumping heart beat, stop the trembling in your hands in and bathe yourself with a powerful sense of calm and control by using this SIMPLE technique used by elite SWAT teams and special ops soldiers world-wide
  • The realities of combat and its physiological and mental effects on the body and how to prepare for it
  • The REAL PROCESS of OPSEC (Operations Security) that most preppers barely touch upon and how to convert this into an AIR-TIGHT OPSEC plan
  • How visualization can train and condition your body and mind to instantly and effectively respond to a crisis situation
  • …and much more!

Course 403: Securing Your Castle

“To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” – George WashingtonThis course is all about securing and defending your home against threats ranging from common burglars to roving mobs.

  • How to build concentric layers of defense around your home allowing you to be well prepared for the post-collapse hordes looking to loot and pillage
  • The best commercial and DIY early-warning devices available to preppers
  • How to cheaply and quickly build a bullet-proof wall that can easily withstand the most common full-powered rounds available (no this isn’t sandbags)
  • Have large windows or sliding glass doors in your home? Learn how setting up this one cheap piece of equipment can prevent even the most determined of attackers from getting access into your home
  • The key skills that every prepper NEEDS to know in order to successfully defend their home
  • The principles and strategies to setting up highly effective defensive fighting positions that will act as force multipliers for your survival group
  • …and more!

Course 404: Hides and Caches

“Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there”

Whether you’re looking to keep your valuables safe from prying eyes or if there comes a time when you find yourself unable to return home and in need of food, shelter, money, or personal defense; the skill to properly create hides and caches will be worth its weight in gold. 

In this course you will discover…

  • How to protect your valuables from thieves, looters, opportunists and a tyrannical government
  • The little-known “voids” that exist all over your home that will escape detection and keep your valuables secure
  • How to create simple, but very effective SECRET CONTAINERS from every-day objects that will fool even the most discerning eyes
  • The three types of caches, their advantages and disadvantages, and when to use each
  • How to PROPERLY bury a weapons cache, that even decades later will be in as good of condition as the day you buried it
  • …and more!

Course 405: Emergency Communications

“Technology…is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” – C.P. Snow

When disaster strikes and the landline, cell phone, and internet services go down, it’s times like these where having the ability to keep an “ear to the ground” as well as contact loved ones can make all the difference.

After completing this course, you will have a thorough understanding about what options are available to you for emergency communications when standard communication methods no longer function or exist.

You’ll discover…

  • How to “keep your ear to the ground” by learning the key technologies used for emergency monitoring
  • The best methods for local, regional, and world-wide communication that’s not dependent upon the grid or public or private communications infrastructure
  • The “secret” to easily passing the Amateur Radio exam with only a few hours of study
  • How to stay in touch in a post-disaster world…While most can only wonder about the safety of their loved ones, you’ll be able to talk with yours!
  • …and more!

To Recap, here's what you'll get when you order Prepper Academy today...

A Strategic and Guided Learning Process

The core instruction of the Academy consists of four online modules made up of 16 courses that are designed to strategically guide you through the prepping process.

You'll begin with the most basic skills and required gear, then progressively move to the more advanced topics of prepping and self-sufficiency.

Each course is in Adobe PDF format to allow for easy viewing across a wide variety of computers, tablets and smart-phone devices.

In addition, each PDF course can be downloaded to your computer, stored on a memory stick, or printed out for future reference.

Whether the grid is up or down, you'll have access to the core instruction you need to successfully prepare for the coming hard times.

Lifetime Access

Although the core principles behind prepping will never change, the technology that supports those principles will.

Prepper Academy keeps up with the latest cutting-edge prepping gear and knowledge and will regularly integrate those into its coursework where appropriate.

As an Academy member, you will have lifetime access to all of these updates and changes without having to worry about future price increases.

An Immersive Multi-Media Experience

There are many things that a book or written document just can't easily demonstrate.

For this reason, each module is supplemented with video instruction to demonstrate, clarify, and build upon key concepts taught throughout the courses.

This allows for an immersive instructional experience that drives the learning home.

Videos can be played on your home computer system (both PC and Macs) as well as while on the go on your favorite smartphone or tablet.

Still Not Convinced this is the PREMIER Resource to Get You QUICKLY and CONFIDENTLY prepared?...

...Then Here’s a Little Something Extra for You:


Bonus #1: A Private Community Forum (with benefits)



At the Prepper Academy community forum you’ll find a safe place to share, free of spam and disrespectful anonymous people.

In addition, our forums are fully moderated, assuring you a relaxing and rewarding experience.


Bonus #2: Video Columns From the Best of the Web

So you don’t have to, we regularly scour the web for the best prepper videos out there.

All the videos are carefully selected to complement the core coursework perfectly. And by strategically placing them into our categorized “video columns” you will be able to instantly access the content you need, when you need it, saving you time and effort.

Bonus #3: An Instantly Downloadable Survival Library

You’ll also get instant access to a fully-downloadable digital library containing HUNDREDS of documents that you can add to your survival library immediately.

You’ll find documents from various categories such as general preparedness, heat and energy, homesteading, urban survival, wilderness survival, personal protection, and personal health/medical giving you plenty of information to work through for those looking to go above and beyond.

Bonus #4: Incredible Discounts

Prepper Academy has teamed up with some of the best vendors of prepper-related supplies and training to provide you with a number of fantastic discounts.

Just the savings alone will pay for the cost of the entire Academy!

Here are just a few examples of the growing number of vendors and discounts:

OnPoint Tactical

$100 off your class of choice

School of Natural Healing

$100 off the online Family Herbalist Course


50% off all eBooks

All these including discounts to many more vendors such as:


The Time to Prepare is Now...

We live in uncertain times.

With the rise in natural disasters, an increase in crime and civil unrest, a government that can no longer be depended upon to reach us in our time of need, and an economy on the brink of collapse...

...preparedness is no longer a luxury -- it's a requirement.

If you've been struggling with getting prepared, not knowing where or how to begin, or thinking you don't have the funds, the space, or the "perfect" location to do it...I'm here to tell you, your struggle is over.

I designed Prepper Academy to help preppers of all different backgrounds, circumstances, skills, and means get as prepared as possible, quickly and without fuss.

So how much is all of this going to cost?

Before I get to price, I want to stress that there is no other preparedness program like this.

Given the 4 guided modules, the 16 courses, the instructional videos, the vendor discounts, the option to earn free prepper gear AND lifetime access to any future updates or additions, I should be charging at least $300.

Here's the good news: You won't even pay half that at $150

Since I'm trying to make this as accessible to as many people as possible, I'm willing to shoulder all the risk and let you try out the entire package for a full 30 days before you decide to keep it – for only a small investment of $97.

It's worth the commitment.

I know there are other options out there that claim to teach you how to become prepared.

If those other options sound good to you, go for it.

And I wish you the best of luck.

However, I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you prepping is easy.

Or that you can do it all in 30 days.

If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell ya.

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I'm not sure you really truly realize what a great gift this site is. I have already gone through a couple of the modules and I feel so relieved that I am pointed in a solid direction, I might be able to get some more sleep at night. For someone like me who knows that getting prepared is absolutely essential, but not really having anyone or anywhere to turn for help, you are a godsend! So yeah, that may have sounded a bit cheesy, but I mean it wholeheartedly! Thank You! Julie
I wanted to take just a quick minute to send over a note to say "Job Well Done" on the Prepper Academy website. I've been prepping for a few years now, but still find great information on your site month in and month out. I find myself printing off many of the guides and putting them in my binder. One of the biggest advantages is it's all located at one spot and it's all very useful information. Regardless if your someone who doesn't know where to start or an old salty dog, this site has something for everyone. Keep up the great work! Thank you, Matt C. Cincinnati OH
This is a great place to learn I am enjoying it a bunch already...I love this place I feel like I am among friends that think like me and I can help and gain from as well. This has been far overdue. Dale D.
I have been a member of Prepper Academy since it started and I've never been disappointed. I feel like I can go at my own pace and work on the Modules that pertain to my current situation. It's been one of the best decisions I've made. I introduced my brother-in-law to the Prepper Academy and he joined, and I also referred to it when giving a talk at church about building a Grab and Go binder (bug out binder). I truly feel that when you are prepared you have nothing to fear. Kevin Krause -- Southern Oregon
I think this academy is already a success. I am 61 years old and all alone. I have already learned so much. moonwillow
Thank you so much for starting this.  You have created what I want in a prepper site.    I love how you have the topics arranged so you can go directly to them to find answers on questions I want to know. G.K.

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